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So 2019 is upon us, we're energised for what's in store but we also like to stay humble and to keep learning. It keeps us motivated and inspired. One of our favourite ways to learn is via podcasts. So we're sharing 15 of our favourite podcasts into three themes: the planet, sisters and self.

On your morning commute, a stroll in your local park, over breakfast or before bed we've got a selection of inspiring goodness for your ears.


We care about the planet and so we like to stay up to date with climate change and sustainability topics. But importantly in a way that makes it engaging and preferably funny!

#1 Sustainababble

Our regular readers might notice that we mention this podcast A LOT. This English duo give us a direct line into the latest environmental issues and throw in a good few laughs while they're at it. Climate change can feel overwhelming at the best of times and this weekly podcast breaks it down into manageable chunks and everyday language.

Here's a taster episode on a very topical issue: apathy

#2 Ways to Change The World

News broadcaster Krishnan Guru-Murphy interviews weekly guests about the big ideas that are affecting our planet and our people.  We love the range of people and topics covered in this podcast.

Our suggested entry episode is the one where we were introduced to Jameela Jamil and her brilliantly articulate ideas on celebrity culture and feminism. We fell down a serious Jameela fan-hole after listening to this.

#3 Mothers of Invention

We covered this podcast in the recent post on Ecofeminism and it's a great fit in this category as well. Hear first hand from women around the world doing great things for the planet.

We suggest you start with episode 1 of this short series, it looks like there'll be new episodes this year.

#4 Terrestrial

This series wrapped up in 2017 but it doesn't make it any less relevant. Across the Atlantic this US women-made podcast "explores the choices we make in a world we have changed" by interviewing those who have made those personal choices, from not flying to whether or not to have children.

How about starting with episode about choosing to no longer fly.

#5 The Habitat

Strictly speaking this is a podcast about Mars - well covering a real-life experiment on what life on Mars might really be like. Aside from being a fascinating insight into space history and technology, this reality podcast highlights just how much we can take for granted on our own planet.

Start at the beginning with this one. Warning binge-listening is a distinct possibility.


Our podcast library would not be complete without a good dose of input from sisters. There are plenty more we could have chosen here.

#6 About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge

Following the release of Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race, powerhouse author Reni Eddo-Lodge delves in more detail with her follow-up podcast with support from authoritative interviewees.

We recommend you read the book first, and if you liked it you will love this short series from 2018. We really enjoyed the more personal episodes as well and hearing Eddo-Lodge laugh and share her love of Harry Potter!

#7 Guilty Feminist

Deborah Frances-White's podcast has gone from strength to strength, with sellout live shows and just recently a book too. With 130 episodes in the can, she's covered a huge range of topics and importantly, it's hilarious too. This podcast is mainstreaming the f-word once more and we love Deborah for it!

With a lot to choose from here it can be a bit overwhelming, we suggest the funny and very poignant episode around mother/daughter relationships, something everyone can relate to:

#8 Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Aimed at the younger feminists amongst us, this short series is based off the hugely successful Kickstarter book with the same title. Each episode celebrates a women in history told in a fairytale story style. Even if you can't find any young people to listen with you, this soothing show will keep you learning even when you're heading to bed.

Suggested episode: O'Malley episode left us all fired up and inspired:

#9 Late Night Women's Hour

The BBC Radio 4 Women's Hour is an English Institution running since 1946! A stalwart for the female perspective we suggest you dig in anytime - however for this blog post we're featuring Lauren Laverne's evening edition featuring frank conversations and topics for today's young feminist.

Suggested episode with an eco theme: Are you tree curious? With Caitlin Moran, Nadia Shireen and Sali Hughes.

#10 What Would Feminists Do?

This Guardian podcast seems to have drawn to a halt for the time being but there's some great content to absorb in here. Describing itself as "rants, interviews and advice from the front lines of modern feminism" there's plenty to get your teeth into here.

Suggested episode; Here's a meaty one, the consumerism and selling of feminism:


Our last section is the continuing education of our self and developing self-compassion. A lifelong practise.

#11 Happier

Gretchin Rubin of the Happiness Project and The Four Tendencies has had a long-standing podcast since 2015 around creating and maintaining habits that can help make you happier.

As 2019 begins we suggest the latest episode around choosing a one-word theme for the year:

#12 Made of Human

Danish comedian, Sofie Hagen, speaks to different people about the pitfalls of 'adult-ing' and she doesn't shy away from difficult topics including mental health, suicide, bullying and grief. Her dulcet tones and sharp wit will have you laughing one moment and in tears the next.

Suggested intro episode, a funny and intimate conversation with fellow comedian Aisling Bea

#13 Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

This is a powerful series exploring what is central to the human experience: relationships. It describes itself as a series that "takes you into the antechamber of intimate moments.. we learn, explore, and experience alongside the couples who have been gracious enough to let us in." Esther Perel is a well-respected couples therapist teasing apart some of our most painful moments. It's not an easy listen but each episode is hugely powerful.

A powerful episode on dealing with trauma in a relationship:

#14 the Good Life Project

The Good Life Project is much more than a podcast, it's a community for those seeking to live their best lives. Started by Jonathan Fields, author and community-builder, there's plenty to dig into here depending on your interests.

There's heaps to choose from with this long-running podcast so we suggest starting with the ever-inspiring Brene Brown:

#15 Headspace

Ok so technically this one's a meditation app but for those of you who are existing subscribers the Everyday Headspace offers shorts nuggets of wisdom from founder Andy Puddicombe followed by a guided mindfulness session. It's a great way to pause and take stock of your day so far.

What would you add to the list? We hope there's some audio nuggets that jump out to you to keep you motivated and learned this year!

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