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Unless you've been hiding your head in the sand for a while - and we empathise, it's a crazy time but out you come now - you might be able to smell it: revolution is in the air. ✊

Now is the time for action. This blog post is inspired by Emily Ratajkowski's recent arrest protesting Brett Kavanaugh's nomination 🤘


It's about values

If we haven't been personally affected by some of the seismic shifts that have occurred globally in the last three years, we can count ourselves lucky. Very lucky. But know that, that is the very definition of privilege. Not acting, or speaking out is a choice. The question Brene Brown encourages us to ask of ourselves is: "Where is the line? Is there a line...between what behaviour is tolerable and what isn't?"

As we mentioned in a blog at the start of the year, being really clear about what's important to you will help inform all your future decisions and will help you stick to your guns. You'll know where your line is - and when you are being called to act.

Do your own work first.

Taking to the streets

Now you know where your line is and when it's being crossed, there are a million and one ways to make yourself heard. Technology has facilitated connections, and fast coordination but never underestimate the power of taking to the streets. Participating in a peaceful protest with countless other humans can be a profound experience; strangers united in one message for one moment. Break your echo chamber, speak to people from different backgrounds, different experiences and realise how much you have in common and how much you can learn. And most importantly - it can be really fun!

Join the relevant groups and mailing lists, attend a Meetup, find out what actions are taking place in your local area.

Get crafty with your activism

Who doesn't like a bit of crafty fun? Making posters isn't just for kids in school - being creative is crucial part of being wholly human. So why not have a go. Here's a few tips from 99designs.

1) Have a clear message

2) Use humor and wit

3) Keep it simple

4) Remember that presentation matters

5) Be passionate

And here's a great Vice article for those wanting to step up their signage game.

Get your protest inspo here

Ok, so you know what you care about and value, and what's not ok. You've identified key moments you can participate it and you're ready to get crafty with friends. Kickstart your inspiration here we've these awesome signs we've spotted on the 'gram.

There you go creators, activists, global citizens. Be part of the revolution.

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