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Do you have two minutes? Of course you have! 🌏

When it comes to making good decisions for the planet there is often a quagmire of conflicting thoughts; price, quality, inconvenience, values, time - so daunting in fact it keeps us riveted in indecision. Here is a movement however that we can all get on board with. It won't change the world tomorrow but it's inclusive, gets us thinking, fits in with our often hectic lifestyle choice and is Insta-friendly! 📷

Introducing the #2minuteBeachClean ⛱️

Back in the UK in the winter of 2013, after "a series of brutal North Atlantic storms left beaches all over the UK littered with marine plastics" Martin turned to social media to encourage others to pick up litter following the storms. suggesting folks to just take two minutes. The hashtag grew and has now been used over 90000 times and it's spreading overseas.

The aim is to normalise litter clearing, for individuals and friends but also families and community groups.

How to take part in a #2minuteBeachClean

1. Pick it

2. Snap it 📷

3. Tag it using the campaign hashtag

4. Recycle or bin it ♻️

It's great to see this movement building momentum. And now they're taking to the streets - with #2minutelitterpick and #2minutestreetclean

They're reaching out to local business owners and surf schools  with specifically designed boards - so now everyone can take part.

HARA friends and family - we invite you to join the movement and share the brands that litter our coastlines and street gutters! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

The next step would be to participate in a more organised beach clean and get to meet like-minded folks. Keep your eye on relevant Facebook groups, Meetups and local listings - or organise a regular clean up yourself.

What about when you're on holiday?

Don't stop looking after your environment when you're away from home there is a growing range of litter picking tourist trips on the world's famous waterways.

if you find yourself in London, Moo Canoes organise litter picking aboard their boats on the Thames. Of if you're passing through Amsterdam, a trip with Plastic Whale will have you fishing for plastic while exploring Amsterdam by canal.

In South East Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and more, Trash Hero is a very active campaign. Take a look to see if you can participate in a clean up in and around your holiday.

Or even in Egypt you can take an alternative trip down the Nile by participating in a litter clean as you go. Lyn Hughes of Wanderlust magazine shares her rubbish holiday!

So come on folks, what are we waiting for! Share your Insta photos with us by tagging @hara_thelabel and using #2minutebeachclean to inspire others!

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