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We caught up with our in-house designer, Anita Ov to chat about her journey as a designer, the unique values of our designs and get the scoop on which HARA bra is right for you. From our signature triangle cut Stella bra to the full coverage Leo and supportive Jacky sports bra, there’s something for everyone, plus some exciting items on the way….
To kick things off, how long have you been with Hara?
Oo actually let me check… 3 years! I started off as a production assistant and then developed into assistant designer. Now I’m working as the sole designer, which I love. 
Amazing! What makes you enjoy your role so much?
I get to work with all departments to bring an idea to life. I think that's really important as a designer - and something I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to do - to involve everyone in the process. When every decision you make has a run off effect on these departments, you really want to ensure you have input from everyone.
Such a good point. Is this the main reason you enjoy being an in-house designer?
Having the opportunity to work in house and develop patterns is so important, especially for developing anything outside of the XL size range. I’m really passionate about getting the fitting right because it’s important to me in my own personal life and so I can empathise with people struggling to find a good fit. I mean, sizing can be so off, right? It’s pretty rare throughout fashion brands to see true-to-size fits that expand over XL which is I think is a direct representation of the lack of design consideration in-house. So being able to work within HARA, talk to the production team, chat with customer service, discuss with our marketing team, helps me  to better understand our customers and what they need. 
That's great you get feedback from other areas of the team. Do you work with anyone else to bring a product to life?
Yeah, it’s super important. I work with Allie (founder of HARA) on ideas and inspirations and then I work closely with our production team once we start sampling. Customer service and Quality Control are two other areas of the business that have a lot of input when we start developing a design. They chat directly with our customers so they always have the best understanding of what they need. 
So have you designed all of the HARA bras?
When I came on board, HARA was already offering the Stella Bra and Leo Bra to customers. So when I started, it was my job was to refine the fit and expand the size range from 2XL-5XL. That meant refining existing patterns, and making sure those extra sizes were true-to-size fits. It was so much fun and became such a passion project for me despite it being my job. 
Thats amazing! Do you have a favourite HARA bra?
Thats easy… the Leo. It holds me in and gives me enough support and I love that you can wear it under anything or wear it alone as a top. 
And what HARA design are you most proud of?
The new Gaia G-string Leotard for sure. It was exciting and challenging all at the same time. For it to be such a flattering, versatile piece that allows seamless wear with no VPL is something I’m very proud of. 
Tell us a little bit about the function and fit of each HARA bra?
Stella Bra: This lightweight, V neck design is great for anyone that likes to accentuate the bust/chest area. Stella is suitable for both small and medium busts as our straps are fixed, meaning there are no adjustable rings or sliders. This means you can just throw on our pieces, wear it swimming or sleeping without the discomfort of hooks and hardware. 
Leo Bra: Also lightweight, Leo is great for full coverage and feeling held in. Suitable for both small and medium bust, however we find people with larger busts prefer Leo for better support.
Jacky Sportsbra: Designed with a racer back and a thicker underbust, this design was originally intended for sports/movement however we find our customers with larger busts wearing the Jacky for a full coverage, full support bra. It’s a great 2-in-1 piece that can be worn for functionality and also as a cute crop top. The Racer back design helps to evenly spread support which avoids strained straps that dig into the skin.
And you’ve just updated the Jacky bra right? Can you explain what's different about it and why we updated it?
Yep, we did an update on our existing Jacky Sportsbra because sizing was the main issue with the main feedback being a small run. Customer feedback is something we encourage here at HARA as it helps us better understand what everyone needs. The Jacky update is the same design, just updated pattern so that it is a true-to-size fit. Whereas in the past, customers were finding they had to size up for it to fit well. 
How does I know which Hara bra is right for me?
It really depends on the level of support you want/require. It’s also matter of preference too… There's no rule on this, but if you want a soft everyday bra with decent support, I’d suggest the Leo Bra as it offers support and coverage. Whereas the Stella Bra offers support and a flattering fit if you prefer a V-plunging shape/neckline. Our Jacky Bra is a great all-rounder though. From small to larger bust, it's great for exercise and also everyday wear. Plenty of our staff go for the Jacky over all of our bras because it is just so versatile. If you like the feeling of being held in, definitely go for the Jacky Sports-bra. 
And would you say our bras cater to all sizes?
So at the moment we offer a size range of XS - 5XL. We aim to be inclusive, accommodating for all shapes and sizes, but we are totally aware that designs like our Stella and Leo aren't for everyone so we are currently working on something super exciting that will be suitable for a whole range of customers.
When you’re developing a product, what does the fitting process look like?
Nothing ever passes the design process unless we have had a sample of each of our sizes fitted on that sized model. Most brands will have one fit model and fit one sample to that. Whereas at HARA, nothing goes to production or market until we know our patterns are working across our sizing range. 
What can our customers look forward to in the near future?
Lots! Our priority right now is working on a bra that speaks to larger cup sizes and also a whole new range of HARA pieces that is very versatile, fun and cute!

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