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The current crisis has brought the fragility of our lives abruptly into focus, revealing just how little we’re really prepared for what the world might throw at us. Food is an essential part of our lives yet many of us no longer know how to grow anything.

Dr Vandan Shiva describes the humble seed as "in its essence is all of the past evolution of the Earth, the evolution of human history, and the potential for future evolution." When she gives advice to those of us who don't live with access to land she very clearly says, "As earth citizens we have a duty to grow what we can, even if we are only living in an apartment building and there is only one window sill. Adopt one plant, adopt one seed and grow it."


So what better time to start growing your own food?

You could go so far as to grow your own plant from seed but we’re starting out small and easy with something that only takes a few days. A suitable germinator jar can be bought for this process or just make something at home as it only consists of a jar, some mesh cloth and an elastic band. (Tree Hugger have a great article on how to make one) 

The one thing to be aware of when buying seeds is that they need to be dry, seeds with a mucus membrane need a different method and are a little bit more tricky to grow. have a top 12 list to choose from so you can be sure you’re growing the correct ones.

Mung beans, commonly known as bean sprouts, are super easy!

Day 1

Rinse your jar and add two spoonfuls of seeds, (you might be able to add more than this depending on the size of your jar, but they can soon fill up the jar once they start growing)

Add water and leave to soak for approx 10 hours or overnight.

Day 2

Rinse your seeds and drain the water twice and then stand them in a well lit window at an angle so the water can drain out sufficiently.

Day 3

Each following day rinse the seeds 2 to 3 times per day and leave to drain. Notice how they sprout!

Day 4

Now you have beautifully fresh bean sprouts that go well in salads, stir-frys and pretty much anything else you want to try them in.


Some great things can be born out of a crisis, a hopeful and beautiful vision of the future is one where we can all be growing and sharing our food with one another 🤞🏾🤞

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