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As the uncertainty of the pandemic continues, keeping our bodies moving continues to an important pursuit. Exercise and movement are now prescribed by health practitioners to manage stress but we can self-prescribe too! We’ve explored posture and running but movement can also be a form of expression and can help us channel our emotions during the good times but also the tough times.

In the final part of this movement series we’re exploring dance!  🕺

Before the Pandemic there were many different groups you could go to and most have adapted with online groups, we’ll take a look at these and some alternatives.

1.Ecstatic Dance

Some people step onto the dance floor and move with swift ease and grace, others look like they’d rather be anywhere else. Ecstatic dance encourages everyone to abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them. At first this can be a little daunting, but once you realise no one else in the room cares, it can be an incredibly liberating experience.Dancers are described as feeling connected to others, and to their own emotions. The dance serves as a form of meditation, helping people to cope with stress and to attain serenity.”

They’re running open air dances and sessions online currently, you can check out what sessions and where here:



2. 5Rhythms

This is another popular community dance project that has similarities to Ecstatic Dance. Although the main difference is there are a set of rhythms that you move through during the event: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness to finish. Each one is described as a state of being. “Markers on the way back to a real self, a vulnerable, wild, passionate, instinctive self.” Most classes are drop-in and they’re slowly reopening their group sessions, plus online groups are also available, find out more here.



3. Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

If all this talk of dancing in a group makes you want to run for the hills, then why not try at home where there’s only yourself to worry about. Get a playlist of your favourite tunes together, put your headphones on and try to lose yourself in the music.

You still may feel very self conscious, but now you can challenge these beliefs about how you’re dancing and how you ‘should’ dance (there is no right way!)

It’s also a great way to exercise so if you’re not a fan of gyms or exercising this can be a great alternative.



4. Dance Plug

If you really love dancing and feel like you’ve mastered the basics why not take it to the next level? There are many online dance classes out there. Dance Plug offers a massive range of tuition for styles and if you feel like you’ve mastered everything there’s even an option to audition for them!



If you've never danced before it can be great way to express yourself through your body and what better time than now to dance away those Covid blues? 💃🏽💃

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