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One of the best things to happen with the rise of social media is that we no longer have to allow mainstream media to define what beauty is. We have access to so many more people than ever before. The online community is allowing people to rise with their voice, and come together to support and empower each other, to show that it is okay to be who you are with no guilt, or shame. 

A while back we did a top 10 list of our most empowering accounts. Now we are doing a top 5 of countdown of all things sisterhood, ecofeminism and women's health. 

These are a few accounts that educate, inspire and empower us on a daily basis:

#1 - Rising Women @risingwomen

Our go to for advice and education around self healing and conscious relationships.


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Practicing kindness and compassion towards ourselves makes it possible to hold the same space for others. We’re hard on other people when we’re hard on ourselves. Our capacity to love, forgive, set boundaries, speak our truth, ask for what we want, draw a line in the sand or stay in the game ALL come down to the relationship we have with ourselves. Do we have a clear line to our intuition or is the water muddy with our own mistrust? Do we listen to our bodies, or push ourselves well beyond the point of being able to tune in?

Do we take time to slow down and observe our minds, thoughts and emotions, or are we constantly seeking distraction or numbing out?

Whatever your answers to these questions, practice acknowledging what’s true in this moment without judgment. Self-awareness can be painful at first as we’re brought face to face with our own inner-demons and self-destructive masks. But the journey here is about moving towards self-acceptance and a deeper awareness leading to truth. Don’t get stuck guilting and shaming yourself for who you are or where you’ve been. That’s not the way. Soften with yourself. Let yourself feel your feelings without getting your mind so wrapped up in what “makes sense” or what’s “acceptable” to feel. Emotions don’t have to make sense to be valid. Surrender and trust. You are not your past. And you are capable of shifting this pattern in how you relate to, speak to, and take care of yourself. We are often quick to seek approval or find ways to win someone’s love or attention, but without a solid sense of self, we can easily become lost in an illusion. As long as we are living from a place of seeking externally for love or validation, we will always be disappointed. Only you can truly give yourself this love and acceptance. Yes, others can love you, show up for you in a powerful way, honor you and contribute to your overall happiness. But if your inside game isn’t sorted out, your relationship patterns will pay the price and continue to serve as a wake-up call. Come home to yourself. You are so worth it. Words @sheleanaaiyana of @risingwoman

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Selflessness is an extraordinary gift, when used appropriately. Too often, deeply sensitive, empathic types become doormats for the people they choose to support. There’s a line between holding space and having your gifts abused through energetic vampirism. That line can blurred, a highly sensitive individual is attuned to feel both the joy and the pain around them, and for them, pulling back when someone is hurting can go against their nature. But it’s a practice that must be done, otherwise selfless types head towards a long road of compassion fatigue. Resentment, exhaustion, and isolation are results of over-giving your kindness. It’s perfectly okay, acceptable, and necessary to discern who is actually willing and able to receive the fullness of your heart. We can love others without putting ourselves in harms way. If someone speaks to you disrespectfully, doesn’t honour your boundaries, or generally treats you in an unkind way - it’s okay to remove yourself from that situation. You might see ‘why’ they are doing it, you might understand the deeper layers of fear and pain. But that individual isn’t ready to relate to you from their essence, their relating from their pain, and no one has to carry the burden of another’s unwillingness to open and see a new perspective. Practice stepping back and communicating that you need space, you deserve to give yourself just as much (if not more) love than you’ve been giving others. Words @heyheatherobscura of @risingwoman . 📷 @deanraphael (follow for beauty and tag photographer for repost) Model @wisdomwithin_ . . . . . . . #risingwoman #growth #mindset #truth #soft #sensitive #kind #love #relationships #realtionshipquotes #healing #empowerement #wisdom #personalgrowth

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#2 - Tribe De Mama @tribedemama

Motherhood, natural birth, sisterhood, all of the above..

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:: Many women get an urge to lick their newborns at birth. This is not weird or unhygienic it is actually very normal and instinctive behaviour. All mammals are known to lick their babies at birth for many reasons including removing the birth scent to ward off preditors and to provide stimulation to support their first breath. Humans have steered away from this instinctual behaviour and we commonly see a million kisses being given instead. There are many reasons why you may feel the urge to lick your newborn. One is the strong innate urge to get to know your baby earthside and another is to help stimulate their first breath and support their microbiota. If you have had this feeling and felt odd. Don't. It's a beautiful natural physiological response to birthing your child. — @peacewithbirth Photo by @senhoritasfotografia via @midwifeangelina

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#3 - Ode an die Freude @odeandiefreude


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The first relationships in our childhood have a profound effect on every relationship we have throughout life. We will subconsciously repeat this cycle where we experience the abandonment, emotional wounds, and need for validation until we heal. It was my partner who brought me to awakened coupling. I was still seduced with (and trained) to believe that my needs could and should be met by another. That someone could give me what I couldn’t give myself. The day she told me she didn’t want to be responsible for my happiness anymore really unraveled me. “What is the point of a relationship, then?!” When she said “to meet yourself” my ego had a full on breakdown. IT’S TO MEET ME! Completteeee me, fix me, love only me, need only me, be dependent on me for you fulfillment was my inner dialogue. With time and practice I’ve come to see partnerships as an awakening practice. To let go of the conditional love that comes with finding happiness based on the behavior of another. To heal the inner child. To recognize that we are reenacting our pasts and labeling it as “communication issues.” Our triggers have so little to do with our partners it’s become comical. If we haven’t healed, we seek that healing in the form of another person. Another person who could never fulfill that role. It’s that illusion based pressure that has broken countless relationships. How many of us are “love addicts” looking for that emotional hit that removes us from the painful feelings of our own low self worth? I know I was. That emotional cycle continues until we do the work. I’m still healing. We both are. Still becoming conscious to how the past selves are with us in our present. Still having difficult conversations and learning that honesty is a deep form of love. Slowly, we are releasing the projected duty to give each other what was never our responsibility #selfhealers words by @the.holistic.psychologist

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#4 - Birth of a mama @birthofamama

Supporting Women during their transition to Motherhood.

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SHE IS A TREE OF LIFE ~ ( image @vincehemingson) As Maiden we are like a young tree that has sprouted from a single seed. Our roots provide us with what we need to grow. We drink up everything in the fertile ground of our environment made up of friends, parents, schools, neighborhoods and countries. All the songs, customs, foods and stories of our youth nourish our roots as we grow and sway and dance in the wind. As Maiden it is our own growth that we focus on. If the soil and earth of our youth was nutrient poor, if our roots were shallow and weak, many of us spend years healing, repairing and tending to our own garden and its growth. We repair the damaged parts of ourselves and learn to love ourselves with a new sense of self worth. Our branches reaching out to discover more, perhaps leaving behind many of the old ways we may have outgrown. With mistakes and sorrows some of our branches may break but our core self, the trunk of the tree, becomes solid as we develop a sense of what we care about and our roots become firm. These are the years of development as we come into our own. With no one to live for but our selves we continue to evolve into our full potential. For many women, pregnancy marks the first major transformation experience. Our shape changes. Our habits change. Our sense of self changes. What we need to nourish our roots changes. We ripen with new life. But the death of the Maiden comes swiftly with the birth of the Mother and baby. The transition is immediate, powerful and final. In a matter of hours, perhaps days, a woman is transformed into mother. There is no denying the newborn at her breast and her change of status is public and recognized by the community around her. This is not a private and personal transformation. No longer the 'daughter of' she has become the 'mother to' with all the ancestral, historical and cultural expectations and attachments of what it is to be MOTHER . Whether she has finished growing or not she must also now tend to the growth of her baby. Having created life she is now responsible to nourish and sustain her babies. The fruits of her tree become the life giving sustenance she passes onto her children.

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#5 - Lisa Olivera Therapy @lisaoliveratherapy

Reflecting on feelings, life, + being human.


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Even when you know all the tools, tips, and practices in the book, you won’t be able to practice them 100% of the time. You won’t always know how to respond instead of react. You won’t always know how to breathe. You won’t always know how how to be your “best self”. You won’t always feel happy or confident. You won’t always be as productive as you want to be. You won’t always know how to trust your intuition. You won’t always know how to strive for “better”. • The thing is, we don’t have to do anything 100% of the time. It’s okay if it’s hard sometimes. It’s okay to mess up. It's okay to give into old stories and be a little unsure. It’s okay to feel whatever you feel. It’s okay to not always know what your intuition is saying. It’s okay if you can’t always be positive or happy. It’s okay to rest for the sake of resting. It’s okay to just be human. There is so much pressure to do, be, and strive towards our best, most optimal self. It can sometimes make you feel like if you aren’t acting from that place constantly, you’re not working hard enough. I just want to remind you that all these things are PRACTICES, meaning sometimes they feel easier and sometimes they feel a little hard. All we can do is the best we can with what we’ve got in the moment. That changes from day to day. And that’s totally okay. Take care, friends. 🌟

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We hope you enjoy and find some light in these accounts 💛

First image by @deanraphael

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