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HARA is committed to creating high quality products that last. We strive to reduce our environmental impact through innovation, low waste designs, recycled packaging, natural fabrics and non toxic dyes. Acknowledging that this journey involves making mistakes, our goal is to learn from them while honoring our commitments and continually questioning our practices to find improvements.
Our products are made using natural fabrics that have a low impact on the earth. Our bamboo fabric is made in a closed loop system with GOTS approved bamboo fabric that has OEKO-TEX 100 certifications to assure that no harmful chemicals were used throughout the various stages of the process and no harmful chemicals are present on the final yarn.


Our products are dyed using Low-Impact Reactive Dyes. Low impact fibre reactive dyes don’t contain any toxic chemicals and don’t require toxic mordants (substances that fix dyes to fabric). They require significantly less water during the dyeing process and the water used can be recycled, which reduces waste. Reactive dyes are highly-concentrated. Where several pounds of natural dyes would be required, it takes only a teaspoon of reactive dyes for the same amount of colour richness. After taking into account the entire dye process we believe reactive dyes are a more sustainable solution.


HARA is proud to be a member of the 1% for the Planet organization, a global network committed to protecting our environment. By pledging 1% of our annual sales to environmental nonprofits, we join a global network dedicated to protecting our environment. This commitment reflects our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility, ensuring that our customers can feel confident their purchases contribute to meaningful, positive change. Together, we are creating a movement, a collective effort to protect our planet and ensure its vibrant future. We actively support initiatives that combat climate change, protect wildlife, and promote sustainable practices worldwide.


Our products are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. This ensures the pieces are completely free of harmful substances. In order to qualify for the GOTS label, low impact dyes must also have an absorption rate of at least 70 percent. 
HARA is committed to ensuring a safe workplace environment. BetterWork and WRAP certified, this product was made in Vietnam in compliance with the United Nations International Labour Standards that assure safe, legal, and ethical manufacturing processes.

These 12 WRAP Principles are as follows:
  1. Compliance with laws and workplace regulations
  2. Prohibition of forced labor
  3. Prohibition of child labor
  4. Prohibition of harassment or abuse
  5. Compensation and benefits as required by law
  6. Hours of work as limited by law
  7. Prohibition of discrimination
  8. Health and safety
  9. Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  10. Environment
  11. Customs compliance
  12. Security