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A visual account of the largest climate protest in history.

Wow - that was big wasn’t it - an estimated 4 million people took to the streets last Friday for the Global Strike For Climate. It is thought to be the biggest climate protest in history. 

And what a day!

Here on our home turf of Australia

An estimated 300, 000 turned out for the strikes in Australia; 20 000 showed up in Hobart (total population is 200,000), 100,000 or so in Melbourne!

Led by the youth movement Fridays4Future all started by Greta Thunberg just over a year ago. They have been demanding climate action from the world’s leaders and this time - the adults were invited to join in too. 

We’ve compiled 15 great images from around the world so you get a flavour of the creativity, humour and poignancy they were striking for.

"I can't believe I'm ditching school for science." - Adelaide, Australia

  1. We love this superhero, Spiderman themed one - and on point!


  1. Scaling The Burghers of Calais’ statue by Auguste Rodin outside the Houses of Parliament in London, UK

  1. Beautiful and poignant from Edinburgh, Scotland.

  1. A call to all of us in this placard in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Wit in Poland

  1. Small but mighty in Melbourne, Australia

  1. Bringing it back to the feminine - we love this placard

  1. Keeping it clean for the sake of our planet and our parents!

  1. Every continent got involved! Scientists from Antarctica join the strike

  1. One of the most powerful images to come out of Friday’s strike - school kids in Afghanistan strike for climate

  1. Low lying nation states are on the frontline of the climate crisis

  1. Monks strike for climate - I think this might be one of our favourite images - straight out of Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. Nigerian school kids striking in Abuja really makes your heart swell

  1. Students in Lebanon add the messages to the global chorus

And this is just the beginning, if you were striking on Friday - find out what happens next:

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