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Hello beautiful women, 
I talk a lot about women empowerment and empowerment in general and I would love to expand on what I mean. What is empowerment? Embodying your true self, living in alignment with true purpose and understanding. Empowerment is saying I am who I am and I am not afraid of that. Love and compassion, these are two massive virtues that thrive in empowered people, men and women.
It's important for me to be able to create the space and support for women to feel themselves, love themselves, push themselves, be themselves and empower themselves. The world needs more then ever people that are strong enough to embody love and embody compassion. It takes strength to heal ourselves, love ourselves and turn around and give that back to the world.
It has been proven when women come together it helps them deal with stress, release hormones that support happiness and fulfilment in life. It has been proven that men deal with stress easier without the need to be in a group. All throughout history women gatherings have been recorded. Moments when they would come together to support, share stories, knowledge, love each other and find the power within themselves to be strong, to feel their purpose. These moments would empower women. These moments would empower men. The knowledge, support and love shared in these gatherings were taken back and shared with their brothers husbands fathers and friends. And I know this is true because I live it. As a women, taking breaks in life to come together with other women to support love grow and share is vital for my wellbeing, mentally, physically and spiritually. I experience life more and leave feeling so empowered.
When I was travelling India, I witnessed first hand what it was like to live in a world where your opinion has little value, where because of your gender your ideas, your speech is muted. For me, there have been moments in my life where I have not spoken my thoughts or shared my knowledge due to not feeling supported because I was a women. Women speaking their truth is nothing to be afraid of, women being strong is nothing to be afraid of. An empowered women, lives to support, to love, to give, to be, to dance, to hold, to create, to learn, to listen, to tell, to share, to inspire. What happens is we then realise that neither a women or a man are different. When an empowered man and women come together, we see both. We see the masculine and the feminine dance together in sync, sometimes in the male body and sometimes in the female body. Empowerment has enabled these people to see them full selves, see both sides and love both sides.
A womens journey of self love is a beautiful adventure indeed. I will speak for 99% of the women in this world and say that at some point she had to turn and look at herself and decide consciously that she was now going to learn to love herself. And wherever you are on that journey, know that many women have crossed those paths and many will come again, you are not alone and we are here together. I see you. I see you suppressing your true expression in fear of judgement but I also see you singing at the top of your lungs the passion throbbing through your body. I see you all.
Love Allie x

Our TOP 10 Instagram Accounts for Female Empowerment

#1 - Feminist Voice @feministvoice

An Instagram account that shares ideas and stories to uplift and empower. 

#2 - Natalie Yang @littlesunlady

Natalie is a women who embodies strength and love, she is also a photographer who uses the camera creatively to show beauty in all it's form.

#3 - Art By Puck @artbypuck

A collection of inspiring artwork showing the honest and real realities of the world in a colourful array. 

#4 - Taylor Giavasis @thenakediaries

She calls it "The Naked Revolution" - an account dedicated to showing real women in all their naked form. Honest and real this account inspires women to love every inch of yourself, that beauty comes in the imperfections. 

#5 - Recipes For Self Love @recipesforselflove

Beautiful creative illustrations of empowerment and self love.


#6 - Baddie Winkle @baddiewinkle

Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, aged 89, and killing it. Age is just a number, be whoever you want to be whatever age you may be. 

#7 - Lena Dunham @lenadunham

Self love queen, empowering and inspiring to own yourself and not be afraid of yourself. 

#8 - Penny Lane @ppennylane

A collection of art photos to show life in all different angles. 

#9 - Halle @_____halle__

Self love warrior. She is spreading the love and awareness around the importance of loving your self, loving your bare self, your naked self, your true self. 

#10 - Nina Cosford @ninacosford

Drawings illustrating life as a woman. 


We love you all! We accept you all! Keep spreading the love!


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