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Apart from packing your favourite bamboo underwear we have a few more tips on how to make a festival sustainable, so you can turn your party in a green one!

Is there anything more exciting than the buzz of prepping for a festival with your friends? Good music, great people, yummy food and a whole lot of dancing are just a few reasons why we love a good festival, and we’re not alone! According to a US study, it’s estimated that nearly 32 million people attend at least one musical festival each year. Unfortunately, festivals can produce the equivalent of over 6 pounds of waste per person, per day and 6 litres of diesel are used to power everything creating tons of carbon emissions per year. And, from all the waste that’s produced, only 32% gets recycled….
So, how can we do our bit this festival season?
1. Switch Off
Take 5 minutes to do a quick walk around your house and (at the wall plug) turn off all appliances you don't need during your time away, even the wifi.  
2. Carpool / PT
Our first point of action when getting festival ready is creating a group message with all your friends who are going too and discussing our travel options. Check in with your mates to see if you can carpool or what public transport services will be available!
3. Thrift / Borrow
From your outfits to camping equipment, there's always something you can borrow or purchase second hand. Raid a friend's wardrobe and shed or pop down to your local op-shop to see what you can score. Tip: scroll through facebook marketplace for second hand tents etc!
4. Sustainable Sanitaries
Been waiting for the right time to try a moon cup? There’s no better way to bring a new level of ease and sustainability to your festival [if you’re bleeding] than a reusable period cup or period undies. This cuts down your disposable sanitary item use and lessens your trip to the [often pretty gross] porta-loos. 
5. Ditch Glitter
Glitter alone is thousands of plastic particles… can you do without it this time? Try swapping it out for a second hand sequinned item of clothing or other fun dress up items. If you really want to shine, bring your biggest smile to the dance floor!
6. Pack The Reusables
When writing your packing list, don't forget your metal straw(s), cutlery/plates/bowls/cups from the cupboard and your trusty drink bottle! This will avoid using the plastic disposable items provided by festival stall holders.
7. Pre-cook Meals
If you’ve got a good eski and access to ice all festival long, why not pre cook some big meals to share around the campsite? Our go-to festival pre-cook up is a roast veg and couscous salad, pesto pasta salad and veggie wraps/rolls. Store them all in air tight containers and you’ll be fuelled up all festival long.
8. Bring A Bin
Whether it’s a big box or a couple of bin bags, tie them up or place the in various spots throughout your campsite so everyone has access to a place to chuck their rubbish. When the festival is over, take your bin bags or boxes home with you and dispose of it in your provided waste bins. 
9. Take It Home
Everything you bring should be everything you take home with you (apart from the food of course). This not only helps the staff who are cleaning up post festivals, but avoids you being a contributor to the waste problem that these festivals cultivate.
10. Post Party Wellbeing
Besides our mother earth, we must also look after ourselves because a good mental state cultivates better thoughts, wiser choices and cleaner actions. Take care post festival, fuel yourself with lots of good energy, healthy food, water and rest. 

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