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Former co-founder of swimsuit brand Heyy Dream, Tanayah Bright is a freelance stylist residing in Geelong, Australia. 11 beautiful weeks ago (after a very, very quick 4 hour labour) Tee entered motherhood when she brought baby Bobby Lu Bright into the world alongside her husband Jackson. 


So, it’s been almost a year since your whole world changed right? What has been the biggest shift you’ve noticed since becoming a mother?

My biggest shift I’ve noticed in myself since having Bobs has been my outlook on my body and embracing it and loving it for what has grown! I was always very hell bent on the way my body looked and to be the skinniest version of me but now I've really started to appreciate it for not what it looks like but for what it’s grown. Don’t get me wrong, exercise has always been a huge part of my life and it will continue to be, but I just know I will never be so hard on myself again. I really do love the new me! 


That’s such a beautiful outlook! What would you say is the biggest reward?

The biggest reward since having Bobs would purely be her! She is my life purpose and I’m just so excited to create the most special mother and daughter bond with her! 


When we capture you and Bobby on the beach, breastfeeding looks like a walk in the park for you both. What has your journey been like with breastfeeding?

I was really apprehensive about breastfeeding when I was pregnant because you just hear about all the stories with cracked nipples/ postpartum depression which is sometimes caused by breastfeeding so I would be lying to you if I wasn’t a little bit anxious prior to giving birth because of breastfeeding. When my gorgeous little Bobby Lu was born my student nurse Elsa (full legend) grabbed Bobby about 10 minutes after she was born and just showed me how to latch her on and since that moment it's been the most rewarding and amazing experience! She latched straight away perfectly and I’m so thankful for Elsa in that moment as I feel without her I don’t know if I would have got the latch right. And since then it’s been the most incredible journey. I love every three hours that I get to sit down with my little girl, switch off and just enjoy that time with her as I know it’s gonna go so quickly. But don’t get me wrong there are times where it’s a little bit difficult when your baby is only exclusively breastfeeding it’s hard to be able to go and do things that once were just so easy to achieve but its all apart of this insane, beautiful, challenging Journey and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


Okay woah, I’m tearing up! So what was it like to breastfeed with the HARA x Clumsy pillows?

The HARA x Clumsy pillow… holy fuck, it’s a game changer girls!!! Not only is it incredible for feeding, it's super supportive and very comfortable! It’s also an amazing pillow for bubs to lay back on in the groove.. My girlfriend messaged me after seeing a photo of  Bobby laying on it and said how this is the biggest game changing pillow she’s seen, especially for twins as you can lay each of the bubs on opposite sides of the pillow! So bravos chicks, it's absolutely Genius! 

*giggles* we didn’t even think of that! Alright, to finish off, what is 1 piece of advice for new mothers that you wish you were given/told?

That when you get home from the hospital the first two to four weeks at home are the most important weeks for you and bubs  and to rest, rest, rest (well when you can) and to put a halt on visitors!!!! To also be kind to yourself and don’t put too much pressure on you and Bubs.. you guys are just getting to know each other. 


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