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As they dive into their 7th year, Marianne and Ben have spent 6 sweet years building a life full of deep learnings and creative expressions, together. From working side by side, to journeying down separate creative pathways (and everything in between) the two have grown their freedoms both together and independently. As they reside on Bundjalung land (Byron Bay, Australia) the two work effortlessly as Marianne flows in front of the lens with Ben behind the camera. 
Pushing far beyond the ‘model and photographer’ modern day love story, Ben and Marianne open up on the topics of love, fragility and trusting the vision… 

Could you describe what your passions are and how you joined forces to bring them to life?

Our passions are Nature, Creativity and Health. We Joined forces and brought these together by communication, expressing how we felt about situations, what we wanted out of life and also what we wanted to give back to life.

How do you move through the waves of fragility together?

With honesty and communication. lots of crying, laughing and lots of snuggling.

Insecurity and shame is something we come across in random situations and events. How do you support each other when you are confronted with those feelings?

We listen to each other, affirm each other and ourselves with positive affirmations. Breathing and coming to the ground of our beings.

What has creatively working together whilst being in a relationship been like for the both of you?

It's been awesome and we have learnt a lot about each other and ourselves through creating together, there is a lot of passion in creativity and sometimes our individual passions have gotten in the way of what we were creating, so we learnt it was important to have individual creative passions as well as collaborations.

A lot of times, showing up is all it takes. Do you have any advice on creating consciously and showing up from a place of love? 

Try to understand where the world is at, where the collective consciousness is at and try to understand that things don't happen overnight, but every step matters and eventually makes a change to make the world a better place.

What makes you trust your vision? 

When it flows and when we meet hurdles with grace. We also remind each other of where we came from. Intuition and an inner knowing of what feels right.

How do you create a sense of home wherever you go?

Home in a house - art on our walls, unique creations, plants, yummy smells, music and organic food. Home in our bodies, forms of meditation, physical activities we love, self care and love.

What are you drawn to create more of nowadays and why?

Marianne : Since the start of the year, I have been drawn to experiment with clay and create useful and meaningful ceramic creations. It has been so amazing to create with a new medium and to feel the earth in my hands every time I create, it's so grounding! 

Ben : I am drawn to create photographs that inspire emotions in people to connect deeply with nature, as I feel it's what the collective needs to do to live a healthier life. I am also really inspired to build a natural home out of cob, recycled materials and to live off grid on country and to hopefully inspire others to do so in the process. ( we are open for donations to buy land ahaha)

What’s something you’ve learned from each other through sharing your lives, both creatively and emotionally?

Wow so much. Shedding layers that no longer serve and growing from a place of pure love. Being in a relationship, individual shadows show up, emotional/ energetic patterns arise that need tending too and it takes a lot of courage to heal them to become a better person for yourself, your lover and the world. But it's so worth it because the highs outweigh the lows and you can take life to the next level.

Any romantic relationship advice you’d like to share?

love yourself before you love another. or learn to love yourself whilst loving another.


“yesterday marked 6 years together. The most transformative six years of my life. So grateful for our ever growing love and for you @raynjermain thank you”

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