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"Laundry has an almost religious importance for many women. We groan about the drudgery but seldom talk about the way it saves us, the secret pleasure we feel at being able to make dirty things clean, especially the clothes of our loved ones, which possess an intimacy all their own. Laundry is one of the very few tasks in life that offers instant, gratifying results.'" - Margo Mensing 

As your pieces are made with natural dyes to extend the longevity of your HARA pieces we always recommend hand washing when possible.

Step 1 / Add a few drops of you favourite natural detergent into a bucket of cold water

Step 2 / Gently massage the fabric and scrub out any stains

Step 3 / Slowly ring out the water and hang to dry 

Step 4 / Hang to dry in shade or out of the sun to avoid sun damage to the natural dyes


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