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Mantra: I am anchored in my present. My present anchors me.


Often, we find ourselves in states full of thought and the urge to bring them all to life. Or perhaps, get rid of them all. The mind tends to wander way faster and our bodies take longer to catch up. This can feel unstable and even scary sometimes. Like you’re running behind a train that doesn’t stop, or feel this deep sense of hurry that tells you to keepAs we go about trudging in this state we don’t understand, in a time where it makes it so easy to, we lose touch with our gentle voices inside. These voices are the basis of our intuition, paving our conscious ways through knowing exactly what it is we want. A way to re-connect to this voice, is to stay still and listen. This grounding practice is the foundational ritual of nature, nudging us to not only get in touch with the ground inside, but fosters a connection with the ground outside - Mother Earth.


Grounding practices cultivate stability, automatically wiring our brains to seek familiarity of what we practice in our surroundings. This way, we link ourselves to all forms that spark the same emotion of stability.

Ways to ground

The first step is to acknowledge that the mind does move faster and the body takes time to embody thought. Reminding ourselves this fosters patience and helps us be prepared for when we feel sudden bodily reactions to things that we’ve perhaps recovered from in our conscious brain.

Notice the signals your body gives you. To listen carefully, lie flat on the ground and take a few deep breaths. Get in touch with what you feel on the ground whether it’s the soil, grass, a plain floor or your carpet and feel it’s texture. Begin to breathe deeper and slowly scan your body. Imagine a beam of soft light caressing you, s-l-o-w-l-y; from head to toe. Recognise parts that feel heavy, parts that need more light, parts that feel sensitive. Offer light to them and visualise the heaviness dissolve into nothing. Empty it out.


Move towards filling those spaces with golden light. As you visualise it merging with you, know that this is a part of your present. Take a few breaths as you acknowledge this. Feel the air come in contact with your skin. Notice the ground having your back. Know that this is always available to you. All you need to do is listen.

As we grow in layers and align with our dreams, may we be reminded to connect to Earth around and within us, to deepen our ritual of anchoring as we pave our paths in this lifetime.

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