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Full Moon Virgo
[ Uttara phalguni ]

18th Mar 2022 6:17 pm AEST 


This month’s Virgo full moon welcomes a break in the current intensities.

With the Sun now in Pisces, a sign ruled by Jupiter, we are given a solid relief from the relentlessness of Saturn, Lord of Karma.  

The Virgo - Pisces axis highlights reason and faith, control and surrender, criticism and compassion, the details and the big picture.  

Due to the effect the moon has on water bodies on earth, its movements influence the flow of blood to the brain, and since blood carries the hormones, our feelings, emotions and moods can be greatly intensified. Some individuals are more sensitive to this than others.  

The nakshatra, or lunar mansion, Uttara Phalguni straddles the end of Leo into the first 10 degrees of Virgo. Its ruling deity is Aryaman, who governs leadership, nobility and the rules of society. it is ruled by the Sun, its symbol is a bed or hammock. Uttara Phalguni is known as the star of patronage and it carries Chayani Shakti - The power of giving prosperity.

 The moon in this star promotes healing, relaxation, creativity, compassion, friendship and prosperity through partnership & marriage. Virgo supports purification through the practical dimensions of life. It reminds us that even in times of strife and sorrow, challenges can be transformed into growth and positive exchange, through right thinking. 

This moon supports healing and harmony after a long struggle. Venus has finally moved ahead of Mars, finishing what has been an extraordinarily long planetary war between the planets of water and fire. Their contrasting energies have been particularly turbulent and difficult affecting us across the board, particularly in our relationships with each other. Relief especially for Taurus and Libra ruled folk. 

For the past few months most planets have been in Saturn ruled signs (Capricorn & Aquarius) and we have been experiencing the overwhelm of highly challenging situations that have been quite out of our control. It has been a time of karmic reckoning. As the planets slowly begin to break up we can focus on healing, rebuilding & new beginnings. 

 April is a game changer!  

With Love, Darinka

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