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Asking questions, listening and digesting what the person in front of us is saying, is an act of love. Some of us struggle to know what to ask, others find it difficult to truly tune in and listen. We invite you to spend time with a friend, family member, partner, housemate, work colleague (literally anyone) and ask each other these questions. 
For peak connection we suggest placing your phone away, sit somewhere in nature, and drop in to being totally present. Alternatively, whipping these reflective prompts out over dinner with some friends or family can be fun too!  
1. To fully relax, what steps do you take?
2. If money didn’t exist, what career path would you take?
3. What is the one failure you’ve learnt the most from?
4. When was the last time you felt nostalgic and how was it triggered?
5. What is your most valuable trait?
6. Describe your perfect day from waking up to going to sleep…
7. What do you think is more important, asking or listening?
8. What age/year of life would you be again?
9. What emotion do you fear the most?
10. What would you like to create in the world that doesn't exist?
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