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Journalling is one of the most cathartic self love practices out there but sometimes, as life gets busy, it can be something we neglect. Look at it like getting enough rest or drinking enough water; getting your thoughts down on paper and cementing those manifestations is so much more powerful than we think. To get you started, we’ve drafted 10 Journal Prompts for Manifestation to help you get where you want to be.

- What is the most abundant thing in my life right now?

- What do I need to make space/time for?

- what needs to be released/let go of in order for me to move forward?

- 5 things i am grateful for

- what am I currently calling in to manifest?

- What steps/action can I take to move me closer to my manifestations?

- To me, abundance looks like:

- The 3 most important people in my life provide me ___

- What self limiting beliefs are holding me back?

- Am I supporting my mind and body with the nourishment it needs?

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