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image by @ilsa_whk 

words by @__taniarahman

something about bodies of water

soothe me like nothing else

perhaps it reminds me

of what it feels like

to be in my mother's womb

before my first worldly trauma

was inflicted upon me

cold metal claws

rip me out of my mother

and into a stranger's hands

a room filled with bright lights

maybe that's why until today

i loathe the sting of

fluorescent lighting

in an enclosed space

perhaps it's because

the ocean too cycles

with the moon

just as i do

tides swell, rivers flow

they cannot resist

the pull of the moon

as a young child

my lungs filled with water

as i sank deeper and deeper

into the depths

of an olympic sized pool

but i returned to land

and breathed again

a rebirth? again,

pulled out of the waters

by someone i did not know

am i doomed

to forever wait

for a saviour

to come and rescue me?

that was the blueprint

to my entire life

set by the path i took

to come into this world

alas the water didn't take me

and i keep coming back to it

again and again

i've always wondered

if one day the water

will claim me

as one of her own

- T.R

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