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New Moon Aquarius
[ Shatabhishak Nakshatra ]
3 Mar 2022 at 4:34 am AEST


This month’s new moon falls in the futuristic and humanitarian sign Aquarius, along with Sun and Jupiter. In Jyotish, The sign of the water bearer is called ‘Kumbha’ which means a water pitcher, and is ruled by Saturn & the north lunar node Rahu. It is airy, intelligent and aloof. Saturn is our duties, responsibilities and karma, Rahu is future oriented, leading us on our desires, passions but also obsessions.

'Shatabhishak' (6°40- 20° Aquarius) means a hundred healers or a hundred demons, there is a light and dark quality to this star, as it is ruled by Rahu - Agent of Shadows. It is a transpersonal star, tangled in a web of enlightenment and confusion. Shatabhishak can be deep thinkers with profound knowledge of healing and medicine.

Saturn dominates the celestial landscape right now in Capricorn as most planets are in Capricorn and Aquarius. Rahu is in Taurus. Mars and Venus are in a tight conjunction/planetary war for the next two weeks. It is a particularly complicated time for relationships.

All planets are hemmed between the lunar nodes. This is said to be a difficult and unpredictable, unbalanced energy. We are caught in the karmic serpent of time.

This is a significant turning point as the past is being shed. We are in the birthing process.

Rahu and Saturn at times seem to work in opposite ways, and yet Rahu (north node) is said to be quite similar to Saturn. This is the classic Anxious- Avoidant dance, two polarities of the coin of Fear. Managing the mind’s tendency of grasping and aversion is a quintessential tenet of Buddhist/Vedic psychology.

It is human nature, so our work is to master our nature, not be a slave to it.

The new moon beckons the return to the inner self, as the light of the sun obscures the mind (moon). Notice what pushes and pulls you, can you practice staying steady and not yielding to the chaos and confusion?

It is time for rest, reflection and finishing off projects. Leave signing contracts, new projects and more materialistic endeavours till’ the moon begins to wax again, from the 5th of March.

This new moon is supported by the expansive and benevolent Jupiter - May his protection, support and wisdom bless and heal us, reminding us of the natural abundance which surrounds us in every moment.



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